Single Serve Packets or Big Packets Shakes Ideal for You?

When you shop for Usana shakes, you most likely come across two type of serving sizes for the shake base. The shake base for Usana creates the foundation of your shake and you can add any flavor later on. We will focus on the flavors in some other articles. This time around, we will focus on the shake base serving sizes and which one is ideal for you.

The first package option for the base shake is the regular pack (big size package). This is more common and easy to find. It comes with the spoon in the package and has 14 servings inside. The price of the regular pack shake base is $39.55. It means $2.82 per serving.

The second package option for the base shake is single serve packets. This packets are individually sealed and packed for your convenience. You can take themĀ  anywhere you want. 28 convenient single-serve packets of USANA shake base costs you $82.45. It means $2.94 per serving.

As you see above, individually sealed and packed usana shake base costs you 10 cents more but easy to carry around (to gym, work, travel, etc) and it preserve freshness since you open the packets as you need each day. The other regular big packets has also sealer on the package for reuse purpose.

Depending on your lifestyle, if you prefer to prepare your shake at home, I would suggest you buying the regular big pack that has 14 servings inside. If you prefer making your shake right after your workout at gym and don’t want to carry big packets with you, I would suggest you to get the single serve packets. The price per serving of both types are almost the same.